… love love love

I was thinking due to recent events in Germany and in Turkey also all around the world how do we understand love and hate feelings. For many of us love is something which you feel for another person or maybe animals it is something that gives you smile every day and reason to live, reason to survive……… to have a aim to get up every morning. We all think that this is ok this kind of love is good love but what if we are alone? Do we have someone or something that we can say that we love I am sure we have but no one wants to admit what this feeling is.

All the people around the world far away and somewhere near need love need patience need compassion and forgiveness because love is not a grateful feeling. Love is a sum of bad and good thing which happen in your life love to yourself give you power to achieve success and to be happy. Not many people are capable to love themselves either they are selfish or too modest. To achieve balance in your life we have to learn from our mistakes and keep going with passion and humility to everything because in the end we will not survive.

There are those who think about love as a drug it makes them to do everything for love and for their loved ones is there rationality in this?  We are OUR bosses we are OUR Gods and we have no rights to decide for other people. For their destiny. We rule OUR life not OTHERS if we cannot take a debt for a friend why we can take his life who give us permission to do that. There is no God who wants to take life of innocent people. And even if they are not innocent this is not in our power to judge them. To decide.

What happens when love become hate? Have you ever thought about hate with a definition of love? Both are strong feeling both can destroy people, both lead to things which we wouldn’t be able to do normally so I am going to describe it in two sentences not mine of course.

Mrs William S.

„Love me or hate me, both are in my favour
If you love me I will be always in your heart
If you have me I will be always in your mind”

Love me or hate me ………